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promo-img-big‘Samratchana’ means Total Protection.  The path to self-realization is depicted in the logo of Samratchana.

“Saranam Abayam Aiswaryam” (Prostration Protection Prosperity).

Meditate on the words “SHANKARAM SIVA SHANKARAM” – the easiest, fastest way to experience the Divine Force within you.

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Baba, popularly called ‘God Uncle’ by thousands of his followers in India and abroad is the Messiah of God breathing love and preaching love. Baba is educated, hard working, and has the best human values.

Most importantly, His love is pure and unconditional just like the rain, wind, sun and moon. Why not share this love for which we have come to this world?

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Seer’s Proclamation


  • Kanchi Paramacharyar is a contemporary spiritualist from India who revived the Vedas. In his book, ‘Deivathin Kural’, he asserts the coming of a Divine force before the end of the 19th century. In 1931, Paul Brunton asks Paramacharya, “There is darkness everywhere. People are suffering. There is no peace. Why does the Creator not come to redeem the world?” Paramacharya replied, “Before the turn of this century HE will appear. HE will look like an ordinary man in appearance. HE will be unable to bear the sight of suffering in the world and will tap the indwelling divine spirit in everyone.” “Do not blame people so much as the environments into which they are born. Their surroundings and circumstances force them to become worse than they really are. That is true of both the East and West. Society must be brought into tune with a higher note. Materialism must be balanced by idealism; there is no other real cure for the world’s difficulties. The troubles into which countries are everywhere being plunged are really the agonies which will force this change, just as failure is frequently a sign-post pointing to another road.” Paul Brunton continues, “You would like people to introduce spiritual principles into their worldly dealings, then?” Paramacharya replies, “Quite so. It is not impracticable, because it is the only way to bring about results which will satisfy everyone in the end, and which will not speedily disappear. And if there were more men who had found spiritual light in the world, it would spread more quickly. India, to its honour, supports and respects its spiritual men, though less so than in former times. If all the world were to do the same, and to take its guidance from men of spiritual vision, then all the world would soon find peace and grow prosperous.” As a confirmation that Paramacharya had alluded to Shri Siva Shankar Baba as ‘The Redeemer’ in his conversation with Paul Branton in 1931, he proclaimed, “Siva Shankar is Maha Jyothi (Superior light)” on seeing Shri Siva Shankar Baba in the year, 1984.
    Kanchi Sri Chandrasekhara Paramacharya
  • Yogi Ram Surat Kumar Swami also known as ‘Visiri Swami’ was a renowned Saint who was known for fanning away the sufferings of people who come to him and mitigating their Karma. When Shri Siva Shankar Baba had gone to see him, he declared, “Siva Shankar is God’s Prime Minister. He has gone to even greater heights than Aurobindo and Chaitanya.” “Siva Shankar is doing my Father’s work all the time and my Father Arunachala is highly pleased with Him.” “Shirdi Sai Baba, Satya Sai Baba, Siva Shankar Baba, You are Arunachal Baba! You are our Baba!” “God will bring devotees of Shirdi Sai Baba, Satya Sai Baba and all Mahans to your care”.
    Yogi Ram Surat Kumar
  • When Baba visited Koti Mahaan (a Sage who lived for 400 years) in Puravipalayam, Koti Mahaan said, “Grand Sire, You are Kailash! You are Vaikuntam! Go throughout the world and serve the people.” He transferred His powers to Siva Shankar by giving His ‘padhuka’ (sandals) and ‘kulla’ (turban).
    Koti Mahan
  • Siva Shankar Baba has had a long association with Balamurugan Swami. Swami was greatly instrumental in bringing Baba to this present spiritual state. Swamiji used to introduce Baba to his devotees thus, “He is my soul. Fate has powerfully kept out links of love over various births.
    Ratnagiri Balamuragan Swami
  • During Siva Shankar’s spiritual quests in His early years, He visited many great Saints, some of whom were unknown to the world. Mata Mayamma was one such Saint He met during His quest for God. This great mother who lived in Kanyakumari and then at Chinna Golla Patti at Salem used to shower her love on Siva Shankar Baba. On one occasion, she blessed Baba with a Santhana Gopalakrishnan idol. Whenever Baba went and sat opposite to her in meditation she used to chant “Ram Ram Narayana”. She continued to bless Him on various occasions.
    Mata Mayamma
  • “The world is going to be revived soon. An enormous light will engulf the world. That enormous light will originate from Chennai in India.”
    Swami Vivekananda
  • João Teixeira de Faria, also known as John of God or João de Deus, is a very well known healer. The medium Joao Teixeira gives over his consciousness and incorporates the spirits of past doctors and saints. These entities examine the waiting masses and conduct visible and invisible operations. When Baba met John of God in 2009 at his Center (Casa de Dom Inacio), John requested Baba to stay with him for 3 days and pray for the welfare of the seekers. Since Baba’s travel plans were already finalized, John of God asked Baba to pray for some time before leaving the Casa. Baba meditated and prayed for about 3 hours at the Casa.
    John of God, Brazil
  • A renowned Muslim Saint who was Benazir Bhuto’s adviser and even predicted incidents that were to happen in Bhuto’s life, said the following about Siva Shankar Baba when he met Him on February 4, 2000. This was published in the leading newspapers of Dhaka:
    • He is the Great, Greater, and Greatest of ALL the saints of the world.
    • He has the power to give life to the dead.
    • All the angels in heaven come to Him and seek His blessings.
    • He has the face of God. Allah and Him are the one and the same.
    • He is the greatest elephant of elephants (Lord Ganesh)
    • He has the full power of Siva, Parvati, Lakshmi and all the Gods put together.
    • When He looks at you, God is seeing you and your sins will henceforth be removed.
    • When He touches you, God is touching you and all your karmas are dissolved and obstacles removed.
    • Whatever He asks (for you), the Gods will readily give unto you.
    • If He wills, even this building will turn into gold
    • He is the lion, who has the power within him, given by none other than the Gods themselves to unite the world (Narasimha).
    • He can bring out the lion from His heart to tame the world (Narasimha)
    • What is good in All religions, God has taught Him even before he met His Guru.
    • His face is as beautiful as that of the face of God.
    • The Sun God himself is at His feet and so do the moon and the stars
    • He is the embodiment of the purest love and it flows endlessly and readily to one and all.
    • God himself has come to see me (Al Haj) for I am small and I seek His (Siva Shankar Baba’s) advice and blessings.
    • He has undergone tremendous sacrifice to reach this level.
    • He is the master of management and operates with a system which was taught by God.
    • He has no wants, for all His wants have been granted already by God.
    Al-Haj Mohammed Chisti